Are you looking for productive security at exit and passage purposes of industrial facilities, office edifices, residential apartment suites, parking areas, toll squares, or any roadway section? Then, you might need automatic boom barriers that can be installed where medium to high traffic is expected. We offer Automatic Boom Barriers that are designed to control different type of access in car parking, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, entertainment parks, railways, airports, and more. These barriers act as a discretionary bar sensor which gives advance protection to all vehicles. There is an auto-close of the boom barrier, which can be easily customized with the help of the controller. There is an electronic control board which acknowledges signals from different controls. Not only this but our boom barriers come with smooth operation, so, there is no skip or snap of blast at any endpoints.

There are multiple benefits of the automatic boom barriers like better visibility, easy installation, optical bar sensor, easy push catch switch, and more. Some of the places where its application is made are tolls, stopping regions, ventures, private and government resources, local places, airplane terminals, and more.