As the word suggests, there is an indoor unit with a screen and an outside unit with an inbuilt mouthpiece and camera. This is done to distinguish and speak with the guest without opening the door. When you want to know who’s at your entryway even without opening the door, these phones help a lot in terms of security and safety. They are usually used at homes, flats, big organization and more for preventing any wrongdoing activity. Now living protected is guaranteed with Gigantic’s video door phones.

Gigantic’s video door phones offer multiple benefits like:

  1. If it is installed in a home, the screen gets activated on ringing the bell. Immediately, the guest’s picture can be seen
  2. During the evening time, the camera can show clear pictures
  3. Two-Way audio communication makes an easy discussion with the guest even when the door is not opened
  4. The robust look of the camera prevents it from any kind of external damage.