These days, digital HD cable TV is a huge factor in the success of the cinema industry. People are magically following the services of HD cable Tv. And it is evident that this is because of the proven persuasion business model. Gigantic gives more than 500 digital and HD channels to its valued customers. We have a tie-up with various MSO. Now enjoying more than 500 channels across genres with incredible picture quality and seamless connectivity is easier and facile.

Call us crazy, but around here, we build that trust by being reliable by providing the following services:

  1. We provide Satellite TV with entertaining channels having digital quality.
  2. We offer value-added services like browse and shop on the web, video conferencing, live tv, recorded playback of your favourite shows and more
  3. More than 400 HD Channels without any rain interruptions
  4. Easy and flexible installations
  5. Round the clock customer care support